Stop Motion Studios

At our dedicated stop motion studios, our team of professionals can bring images to life. This technique, originally used in children’s cinema, has evolved to give life to countless projects.

In the digital era, stop motion has become essential in video creation as it allows us to highlight specific frames. Our stop motion video production experts at Red Burton ensure a high-quality finish in your projects using this technology.

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Stop motion production company for all types of projects

At Red Burton, we prioritise your ideas, and there are no limits to materialising what you have in mind, whatever the nature of your project may be.

To achieve your vision, we offer animation services using the stop motion technique, giving movement to photographs using specific software. This makes it ideal for various projects, such as:

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Educational presentations

Stop motion video production is highly beneficial in the educational field as it stimulates learning by associating it with cartoons. It is undoubtedly an excellent technique to transform a monotonous class into something dynamic and fun.

Corporate videos

Red Burton’s stop motion studios are the right choice if you want to make a lasting impression with your presentation. It effectively showcases the services offered by any company or illustrates their work process. Moreover, it promotes creativity, resulting in an innovative final product.

Advertising spots

At Red Burton, we fully understand that this technique requires time, dedication, precise lighting and positioning of equipment. In the advertising field, stop motion post-production is used to capture the audience’s interest and leave the brand essence imprinted in the minds of your followers.

This requires creativity and innovation, which our experts will provide to enhance your projects in this field.


Stop motion can be used to create credits that can be placed at the beginning or end of the production, even without telling a story.

Event projections

Our stop motion directors can provide striking ideas for event projections using stop motion or animation of inanimate objects. This technique achieves impressive results, keeping the audience captivated and interested in what you offer.

Videos for children

Stop motion was pioneered for children’s entertainment, and this technique is still a popular choice today. Thanks to rapid technological advancements and the wide array of software available, our experts create reality-filled videos that captivate any audience.

Productora stop motion
Stop motion

Stop motion studios in Madrid

At Red Burton, we provide spaces and equipment to carry off any project you wish to undertake. We have taken care to use high-end technology and have qualified personnel, which ensures an optimal result in our professional stop motion productions.


Why choose us to produce your stop motion videos?

We connect with your target audience.

To reach your target audience, you need to know who they are, what interests them and what emotions they seek or need to find. At Red Burton stop motion studios, we immerse ourselves in your business to understand all possible ways to connect with your audience in the best and most memorable manner.

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Reasons to choose Red Burton to create your stop motion video

This technique involves bringing non-living objects to life, making it captivating and suitable for various audiovisual projects. Here at Red Burton, we recommend using professional stop motion production for the following reasons::

  • It is the most daring technique to capture people’s attention since it’s full of innovation and creativity.
  • In educational videos, it simplifies and makes the explanation of processes more practical. It can even be used to teach much-dreaded maths with excellent results.

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  • It makes it possible to highlight specific elements within an audiovisual production.
  • It can bring any story to life and be effectively used in advertising.
  • It is useful for creating special effects..

Stop motion

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At Red Burton, we specialise in creating stop motion videos.

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