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The team

We boast a team of specialists in diverse fields ready to accompany and guide you throughout your project, from pre-production to post-production, with ideas that will captivate your audience. Our creative experts will assist you in developing your project, while our production team takes care of permits, locations and actors, ensuring that our camerapeople and editors infuse your piece with the style you desire and deserve.

Juan de Miguel

CEO & Director

Carlos Rosado

Accounts and Systems Director

Laura Rodríguez

Head of Production and Accounts

Ingrid Calvelo
Ingrid Calvelo

Production Executive

Adrián de las Heras

Channels and Streaming Manager

Alejandra Martínez

Camera, Editor and Graphics

Aarón Pérez


Pablo Cueva
Pablo Cueva

Creative Expert

Daniel Verdín

Director and Editor

Daniel Bernal

Scriptwriting and Production

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