Audiovisual Postproduction Studio

At Red Burton, we’re a specialised audiovisual production company with expertise in post production services. We offer various audiovisual communication services, and as a postproduction studio, we excel in video editing services, special effects, graphics, colour grading and sound.

With all post-production aspects centralised, every step is coordinated by a single point of contact, streamlining project delivery processes.

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Our post production services

Do you need video and audio editing services to give your project its final touch? Red Burton boasts a team of professionals ready to give your audiovisual project the required editing before presenting it to the audience.

Video editing

Editing a video goes beyond assembling shots, making cuts and adding filters. It’s about narrating a story from start to finish that keeps the audience engaged and evokes emotions, precisely the emotions the message aims to convey.

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Special effects

Certain narratives demand techniques to create environments, scenes and characters that would be impossible without special effects.

At Red Burton, we have commercial video production experts who bring imagination to life through their VFX experience.

Motion graphics

Through motion graphic services, you’ll communicate parts of the message more effectively and visually. This techniquae is primarily used to represent concepts and ideas that might not reach the audience the same way through other means.

Colour grading

When you start video editing, you realise not all shots have the same aesthetics due to various factors (light, shadows, timing, etc.). Colour grading allows you to correct the light and colour of all shots so that collectively, they share the same aesthetic or, conversely, to differentiate specific shots as required by the storyline.

We offer colour grading processes with high-resolution monitors to give your audiovisual content the desired aesthetic.

Sound post-production

Audio mixing is a pivotal aspect of any project. Top-notch image and sound quality are the foundations for audience connection.

Our sound post-production department features two rooms dedicated to voice recording, sound design and musical composition.

Postproduction studio
Postproduction Company

Our postproduction studio

As a postproduction company in Spain, we offer 7 post-production workstations to edit your projects, enhance the sound, add special effects, alter video colours and illustrate ideas and concepts through graphics.

Two of the rooms are dedicated to sound design, ensuring no external noise disrupts the process due to acoustic insulation and treatment.

All workstations are connected through a 10 GBE NAS System of over 100 TB with daily duplicated backup to ensure control over all aspects.  

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We handle complete video and audio post-production, offering services such as editing, VFX, colour grading, sound post-production and motion graphics.

If you have a project in mind but need guidance, it’s time to reach out to us.

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At Red Burton, we specialise in providing audiovisual post-production services.

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