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Welcome to Red Burton, your video production company in Miami, offering top-notch audiovisual production services. We’re a crew of creative pros dedicated to delivering standout content for all kinds of brands and projects. Our drive is our passion, and our goal? To take your project to the next level, turning it into premium audiovisual content.

We provide a broad array of visual storytelling services in Miami, all tailored to meet your unique needs. This is all thanks to our squad of skilled professionals, who are all about offering support and guidance at every step of the way.

Wanna know more? Hit us up at Red Burton and let’s start making some eye-catching visual content together!

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How we work at our video production company in Miami

In search of a film production powerhouse to breathe life into your vision? Look no further!

Hailing from Spain, we’re an audiovisual production company that delivers a full spectrum of services across North America, including Miami. Our approach is customer-centric, crafting integrated campaigns that forge a meaningful connection between brand and audience. Our expertise spans a broad array of services:

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  • Advertising Spots: Crafting a diverse array of meticulously planned ads, ensuring each moment is impactful.
  • Scriptwriting: Collaborating closely with you, we craft messages that resonate deeply with your audience, weaving emotionally rich narratives. Our scriptwriting team excels across various formats, including fiction, documentaries, branded content, and beyond.
  • Production: Every phase is meticulously managed by seasoned industry professionals, covering interviews, documentaries, aerial footage, and more.
  • Music Videos: Fueled by a passion for music, we channel our creativity into every project, vividly bringing the essence and message of the song to life through visuals.

At our core, we’re a video production entity deeply committed to communication excellence. We produce content that not only satisfies brands but also delights clients and pushes the boundaries of the audiovisual industry forward.

Our process begins with the seed of an idea, carefully evaluating the best strategy for execution. Our hallmark is in our demanding, professional creative video productions, brought to life by specialists in the field. Let’s make your project the next big thing!

Our success stories

Here are some of our successful projects from the past year.

Documental Héroes
Spot FreeFire y Netflix
Video para Women Secret
Documental Empezar de Nuevo
Documental Alexia
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At Red Burton, we’re your go-to team for your next audiovisual project in Miami.

Tell us about your Audiovisual Project