Making-of & Behind the Scenes Production Company

At Red Burton, we offer comprehensive audiovisual production services, including the recording of making-of and behind the scenes videos to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Let us share what we can offer as a making-of production company!

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Discover the latest making-of and Behind the Scenes videos produced by Red Burton

Take a look at our latest behind the scenes productions and experience what Red Burton has to offer.

  • We had a delightful time with Quokka, exploring more sustainable ways to bring food to the office.
  • Go Student showed us how to find the perfect private tutor for your children. Yolanda Ramos brought joy backstage.

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  • Solán de Cabras taught us that drinking water doesn’t have to be dull.

These are just a few examples of the brands that have placed their trust in us.

Making of

Making-of production company

As a making-of production company, Red Burton specialises in behind the scenes filmmaking for various types of projects: film shoots, photoshoots, events, advertising spots and more.

Do you want to show your audience how that spectacular scene was filmed?

Or reveal what was said between takes?

Call us, and we’ll explain how we can assist you.

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Making-of videos for all types of productions

Red Burton offers you the opportunity to record making-of promotional content for any project you have in mind.

Making-of and behind the scenes videos for film shoots

Behind any movie or advert, there are secrets, conversations, jokes and various actions that showcase the natural interactions we have with our clients.

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Making-of post-production for photoshoots

How do we achieve those stunning looks and poses in our photoshoots?

Discover everything that goes into a successful professional photoshoot.

Making-of featurettes for events

What goes on behind the scenes of event organisation?

A lot of hard work, a little stress (maybe), nerves and moments of tension.

But also, many laughs and good times that are worth remembering.

We help you showcase all the behind-the-scenes details of your event.

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At Red Burton, we specialise in producing making-of videos for all kinds of projects.

Tell us about your behind the scenes production project