Recording Studio Services and Post-Production

At Red Burton, we understand the needs for high-quality sound production. That’s why we have a team of experts in recording studio services dedicated to creating and designing sound for various audiovisual media.

Our experience in audio recording services and post-production combines innovative ideas, high-quality tools and professional environments to deliver the sound our clients desire.

We also provide a sound studio and spaces for streaming and music video recordings. Additionally, we can manage the transportation of all technical equipment, sound equipment, lighting and special effects needed for your events.

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How do we do it? At Red Burton, we are equipped to handle the set-up for any types of events, parties, gatherings or stages, ensuring your presentations or events are smooth and seamless.

At Red Burton, we pride ourselves on offering experienced professionals who provide a wide range of recording studio services, working hand in hand with the best resources. Each task is meticulously planned, taking into consideration where, when and how things will be done to achieve the remarkable skill that defines us and that our clients deserve.

If you want to know more about our audio recording services, we will explain everything involved in the sound process for your projects.

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Recording studio in Madrid

We offer facilities where you can record your projects and have the assistance of professionals to ensure high-quality results. In our sound studio, you can do:

  • Radio, TV, cinema and web advertising recordings.
  • Promotions for events or companies.
  • Commercial voiceover recording and simultaneous interpreting for your projects.
  • Recording audiobooks, audio guides and much more.
  • Programmes in new formats.
Postproducción de sonido
Postproducción de sonido en estudio

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Sound recording

We provide sound production for commercials with modern and top-notch equipment, carefully chosen according to the needs of your project. All this is to ensure the best sound quality for your productions. This category includes:

  • Voice recording.
  • Direct sound recording.
  • Voice synchronisation for dubbing.
  • Character voices (we offer an extensive roster of voice actors).

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Can’t do your recordings in the studio? Fret not, at Red Burton we have equipment that allows us to obtain quality corporate sound recording in other settings. For this purpose, we offer services such as:

  • Outdoor sound equipment.
  • Wild-track recording.
  • Recording for speakers or presenters.
  • Press conferences.

Sound post-production

We work closely with our clients to plan and design the sound for their projects. Our team listens to your ideas and contributes our expertise to achieve results full of originality and creativity.

  • Sound cleaning.
  • Soundscaping..
  • Mixing and mastering.
  • Production assembly.
  • Commercial sound effects.
  • Sound amplification and synchronisation.

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At Red Burton, we specialise in sound recording and post-production.

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