Advertising Photographers

At Red Burton, we are a youthful production company with an expert team of event and advertising photographers specialising in advertising photography, event photography, product photography and much more.

Passion drives us, curiosity fuels us and innovation is a constant pursuit. We are enthusiastic and strive to capture moments that linger within the camera and later, in the minds of the audience.

Our aim is for brands to connect with their audience through photography and audiovisual content, creating lasting memories for both parties.

We provide advertising photographers, event photographers and and a host of commercial photography services. Share your needs with us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Professional photography

Our team of professional commercial photographers specialises in capturing the essence of the perfect moment — what truly matters.

To achieve satisfying results, we blend professionalism with fun, creativity and innovation. We never give up, for we understand that every piece of audiovisual content has its perfect instant to be captured. That moment can transform into the fondest memory of a project crafted with passion and effort.

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Advertising and Event Photographers

Advertising photography

When covering events, it’s not just about location or recording; photography is just as important. In fact, a complete commercial photo studio is crucial for a project to be a source of pride. Achieving photography excellence is effortless with our team of event photographers. You’ll have your favourite moments captured in intricate detail.

Product photography

Product photography serves to highlight all the features and benefits of a product, demanding images captured from optimal angles with favourable lighting. Our professional commercial photographers expertly manage parameters for photography in advertising campaigns and audiovisual projects in general.

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Why choose us for your advertising hotography sessions?

Advertising photography

It’s evident that photography primarily appeals to the eyes. This underscores the necessity for meticulous planning in advertising photography to ensure flawless execution. Want your audience to connect with your content? What you require are advertising photographers who can creatively advise and assist based on their experience.

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Corporate photography

One effective way to introduce yourself is through corporate events or reports. But how can you do it best? This is where professional corporate photography comes in, an area in which Red Burton has significant expertise.

Our first step involves immersing ourselves in your brand’s spirit to determine the right approach to convey your company’s message to the world. We work to provide a fresh and innovative touch that adds quality to the outcomes.

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At Red Burton, we specialise in event and advertising photography.

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