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At Red Burton, an audiovisual production agency, we offer drone filming services and aerial photography services.

Undoubtedly, perspective plays a pivotal role in telling stories that elicit emotions and convey the essence of the message. Audiovisual storytelling is another way of narrating stories and engaging the viewer. While we ourselves might not be able to fly, our drones can.

Thanks to technological advancements, there’s now more equipment tailored to the needs of each project. With drones, your brand will soar to new heights. Showcase the potential of your story with drone recording.

Reach success and ascend to new heights with our drone recording services. The time is ripe to contact us and fill us in on your project.

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Aerial recording and photography

At Red Burton, we approach our work with the utmost professionalism. We’re ambitious and creative, which is why we have specialised drone pilots for drone recording.

If any issues arise, you won’t have to worry thanks to our liability insurance.

We have everything in order and possess the necessary permits and licences for fully legal flights. We’re also certified by AESA.

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Types of drone filming services we perform

Each drone recording breaks free from convention. We customise our drone recording services to align with our clients’ specific needs and budgets.

Our adept team of professional pilots captures diverse events and transforms them into captivating aftermovie

Our expertise spans a wide spectrum of events: from corporate gatherings to sports events and music festivals. We’ve collaborated with names like Repsol, Mahou and Rio Babel.

Our drones capture even the minutest of details.

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Advertising spot recording with our drone services

Want to give your ads a fresh viewpoint? With drone recording and meticulous planning, every frame becomes a masterpiece.

We manage all kinds of spots — be it advertising or TV ads — guiding you through each phase. Rest assured, we remain up to date with permits and licences, and have a skilled team of specialised operators.

Aerial sports recording

We also provide drone recording services for sports events, rendering a different vantage point.

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At Red Burton, we specialise in drone recording.

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