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At Red Burton, we excel in producing high-quality music videos for vocalists, artists and bands. We focus on recognising their unique qualities and injecting a dose of emotion and feeling into the videos.  

Our work as a music video production company aims to express the sensations that the music evokes through a visually captivating product. To achieve this, we combine melodies with authentic and top-level video creation, aiming to position our clients at the forefront.

Whether you are a band or a solo artist looking to enhance your presence on the music scene, contact our team for top-quality music video creation in high-definition formats.

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At Red Burton, we guarantee the dissemination of your talent. This is a simple way to promote your musical creations through various media outlets available today.

Send us your proposal or project, and we will offer personalised advice and rates according to your possibilities.

We will help you release the music video that helps you top the charts! Nowadays, reaching any part of the world through social media is easy, making it the perfect moment to invest in a memorable music video that serves as your introduction.

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Catapult your music video to success with Red Burton

As one of the most renowned audiovisual production companies in Madrid, we have gained solid experience in this field. Thus, we know with absolute certainty that a music video alone does not guarantee the success of musical content.

Why is that? The answer is simple: from the music itself, ideas are created and translated into the video recording to convey the song’s message.

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Music video production in Spain

Music videos can be recorded in studios, concerts, festivals or shows. At Red Burton, we make it possible to achieve these recordings in any place where live music is played or locations that align with your song.

We also have our own studios in Madrid, equipped with a wide range of resources that perfectly complement our work’s quality.

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Creating a music video, like any other audiovisual work, involves a well-defined process.

To begin, we develop a script, as the lyrics of the melody serve as a guiding force for our content creators. Moreover, we carefully consider various factors to complement the visual aspect that will accompany the melodic project with images.

From the recording area to set design, whether real or digitally created, every detail is essential and carefully considered before starting the filming.

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As the best letter of introduction, we enhance the talent of our artists with carefully chosen costumes and make-up that align with both the song’s lyrics and the narrative depicted in our music video content.

When it comes to music video recording, we take into account all the necessary equipment, including different camera types, drones and hardware to facilitate smooth filming, such as stands, dollies and an exceptional team of qualified professionals for each musical work we undertake.

Following the recording, we move on to the editing and post-production phase. Here, we make all the final adjustments, from colour grading and special effects to 2D and 3D animations, designs and video editing, selecting the best shots.

Shall we talk? At Red Burton, we provide you with all the necessary resources, from recording equipment to effects and animations, ensuring that the final product is nothing short of exceptional.

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At Red Burton, we specialise in making music videos.

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