Audiovisual Equipment for Rental in Madrid

At Red Burton, we offer audiovisual equipment for rental to bring your own productions to life or deliver a professional-grade performance. We provide you with a studio where you can unleash your ideas for your projects. We also offer editing and post-production services.

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Top-quality film equipment rental

In our stock of film equipment, we offer modern and high-quality material, including large cameras for more elaborate shoots and simpler cameras for less complex productions.

With our audiovisual equipment, you can realise any audiovisual production you desire. Just share your project with us, and we can offer advice to ensure you get the right equipment.

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We have invested in high-end technology to ensure our shoots achieve the best resolution, which undoubtedly guarantees the success of the production. Visit us, and we’ll show you our range of products and materials that are perfect for creating advertising spots, music videos, feature films, series, event set-ups or any other idea you have in mind.

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Why choose our film equipment for rental in Madrid?

Since the inception of Red Burton, we have focused on making our presence felt in the current audiovisual market. To achieve this, it’s essential to invest in quality equipment and materials, exceeding each client’s expectations and demands.

That’s why we want to share the best reasons to choose audiovisual rental in Madrid with our company:

  • 100% professional equipment: We prioritise selecting the best for our productions, and that’s why we rent out 100% professional audiovisual equipment. We offer cameras, LED lights, tripods, monitors, sound equipment and lighting from recognised brands that add a touch of modernity and exclusivity to your productions.

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  • Personalised advice: If you’re unsure about the audiovisual equipment you need, Red Burton offers advice for your project. We understand that each project is unique and requires specific equipment. Therefore, we provide guidance to help you choose what you need without compromising your budget.
  • Flexible delivery and pick-up: Once you’ve selected the equipment you need, we offer delivery and pick-up schedules that align with your requirements. We adapt to your production timeline to prevent inconveniences and pressure.
  • Own studio: We have a studio in Madrid where you can execute your productions, avoiding the hassle of transporting audiovisual equipment. Our team can guide you in setting up the studio to match your project’s needs.

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How to rent audiovisual equipment in Madrid?

Executing any audiovisual production requires the use of equipment and audiovisual material, which can be overwhelming for many clients. That’s why Red Burton offers an easy rental process in Madrid, which goes as follows.

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How to rent audiovisual equipment

  • Get in touch with us: Start by reaching out to us so that we can understand your needs and define the type of equipment available for rent.
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  • Equipment delivery: Once everything has been settled, we set the delivery timelines. Of course, we offer a delivery service to the location of your production.
  • Equipment pick-up: After your production is complete, our team will handle the equipment pick-up. If you need more time, just let us know, and we can adjust the pick-up date.

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At Red Burton, we offer audiovisual equipment rental in Madrid.

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